More than jewels is precisely that, ...More than Jewels.

Our concept is to design jewellery specifically to suit the character and wishes of our clientele, and to redesign currently owned pieces to an updated and fresh new look that still remains distinctly your own.

Customized One of Kind Designs

Many clients choose to provide their individual design ideas and request custom made pieces. More than Jewels is specialized in creating the look and feel that our clients see in their minds. This process begins with a consultation to discuss the wishes of the client. Our aim is to help these creative clients create the exact piece that is based on their concepts. Often, it is so that the best designs come from the person that will wear it themselves.

Our Design Ethic

We begin our design process with a consultation that leads to the draft design specifically suited to the wishes of our client. We know that to listen to our client’s fantasy and imagination, we can create jewellery to match your wishes. We do this with our expert advice based on materials, form and fashion, and more importantly to your specific expectations.

Endless possibilities

The designs from More than Jewels are all hand made and finished in precious materials. Whether it is diamonds, precious stones or pearls, we can fashion a design. The possibilities are as endless as the imagination.


More than Jewels was created by Sanne Veerman. Sanne was trained by the internationally acclaimed institute for diamond certification, -The Hoge Raad voor Diamant- (the high diamond Counsel), in Antwerp, Belgium. Simultaneously she completed a goldsmith master class while she studied diamonds at the institute. After completion of this somewhat classical design education, Sanne worked with several known jewellery houses, most notably for Cartier in Amsterdam and Colon (Germany) and Bonnebakker in Amsterdam.

Sanne was designing freelance for several design houses and jewellery manufacturers. From this work it was evident that she should begin her own line, more than Jewels.